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These tips actually give you a way out of garage door problems and plenty of fresh ideas on maintenance

  • Insulation is not only intended for keeping freezing temperatures out

    If you think that you no longer need additional insulation for your steel or aluminum garage door because you reside in an area that does not experience winter, you are mistaken. Insulation also serves as protection from excessively high temperatures. Just imagine the heating problem that comes with a garage that faces the sun and has a glass panel.

  • Learn how to use the release rope

    Most release ropes need to pushed down and towards the opener unit in order to disconnect the opener from the door. It’s important to discover how your own release cord works so that you will know what to do when there is an emergency.

  • Adding windows to garage doors

    If you want a window but not overly expose your garage, choose a window of the right size and one that has a lock for security. Use waterproof caulk before installing the windows. To make it easier, it is always better to swap the entire top panel with windows.

  • Electric garage door maintenance

    Clean the door regularly with soap and sponge to remove unwanted and corrosive chemicals. Conduct a balance test from time to time to ensure that the safety features are still functioning. Our technicians suggest that lubrication must be done at least twice a year. Tighten loosened knots when you hear an irritating noise.

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