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These tips actually give you a way out of garage door problems and plenty of fresh ideas on maintenance

  • Insulation isn't just for keeping the cold out

    If you think that you don't need additional insulation for your steel or aluminum garage door because it never really gets too cold where you live, we hate to break it to you, but you're wrong. Insulation also serves as protection from excessively high temperatures. It prevents heat transfer, so it also helps to keep your home cool and takes some of the strain off your HVAC unit, which translates to lower energy spending.

  • Learn how to use the emergency release cord

    This type of feature is very important, as it disconnects your opener from the door and allows you to open or close it manually. There's a reason it's called the emergency release, as it should only be used during emergencies. It's important that you make sure you know where it is located and how to use it, so consult your owner's manual to learn how to do that. Remember, knowing is half the battle.

  • Adding windows to garage doors

    If you want a window but not overly expose your garage, choose a window of the right size and one that has a lock for security. Use waterproof caulk before installing the windows. To make it easier, it is always better to swap the entire top panel with windows.

  • Electric garage door maintenance is something you shouldn't neglect

    You should take a few steps to make sure your garage door is able to stay fully functional and reduce the wear and tear it goes through. Clean the panels regularly with soapy water to remove dirt and other corrosive elements. Conduct a spring balance test from time to time to ensure that the door doesn't get uneven or unbalanced. Also, make sure to lubricate all the different parts that can benefit from it, like the rollers, hinges and the springs.

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