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Broken Spring Replacement In Clearfield | Garage Door Repair Kaysville

Broken Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: The garage door springs reached the end of their life cycle, and it was time to replace them with new ones.
Our Solution: A simple visual inspection was enough to realize that one of the garage door springs broke and that the other one was not far behind. So, we first made sure that the rest of the garage door mechanism was still in good condition. Then we went on to install a new pair of springs. Some tension and travel adjustments later and the door started working perfectly again.

Hugh Jefferson - Clearfield
New Garage Door Installation, Layton UT

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: The customer needed someone fast and reliable to install his new garage door so he knew it would be working properly from the get-go.
Our Solution: Our team removed the old garage door from the system before getting Mr. Santos’ new Windsor Model 735 door ready for installation. After it was inserted into the track and the springs, cable, and opener were connected, the entire system was carefully tested to make certain it was all running smoothly.

Duane Santos - Layton
Opener Repair In Fruit Heights UT

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Mr. Ganza’s automatic garage door opener trolley got stuck along its track.
Our Solution: Fortunately, the team found that the problem was with the track rather than the trolley itself once they’d removed it for a closer look. A bit of hammering and welding work restored the track, and once everything was reinstalled the trolley and door both moved as needed.

Gaspar Ganza - Fruit Heights
Garage Door Off Track, Kaysville UT

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Bent garage door tracks.
Our Solution: The reason why the door nearly collapsed was some serious bending in the left vertical track. We repaired it and then inspected the rollers to make sure they weren't worn or otherwise damaged. Then we tested the door several times to make sure the problem won't repeat itself.

Debbie Jarvis - Kaysville
Roller Replacement In Kaysville UT

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Worn garage door rollers.
Our Solution: We began by making sure the springs, cables and tracks were all in good working condition. Then we removed the half dozen rollers that were worn and replaced them with improved nylon ones that were naturally quieter and didn't require lubrication.

Beth Winethorp - Farmington
Garage Door Troubleshooting In Kaysville UT

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: Garage door wouldn't open.
Our Solution: We began by checking a few different parts of the system, including the tracks and the rollers, as well as the cable drums and the torsion spring. Finally, when inspecting the opener, we discovered that the motor gear had worn out. After we replaced it, the door was able to open effortlessly again.

Dave Riley - Kaysville

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